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Wasted Paris

Founded in 2012 by friends Johann and Fang from a passion of Parisian Skate Culture, fashion, photography and 90's music. Wasted Paris is skate/ street brand that weaves the street culture movement of present with nod offs to the past. Aimed at launching the Paris Skate Culture on the globe b y helping young skaters fit into the scene and find their tastes. It's not your typical American street/ skate label, it's freer, more creative and breaks the norm, French style.
If you take Parisian less is more, intellect over sexy, and add in a street/ skate element to it then you have Wasted Paris. Each individual piece is designed with a minimalistic take on classic street wear silhouettes. The street/ skate brand aims to document Parisian Skate Cultures evolution while also launching Paris's Skate Culture on the globe. The apparel is designed for skates by skaters. Starting off their first store. Wasted Paris is not about apparel, it is friendship bonded through the love of skating.